Founded in 1963, Han Jia Bak Kut Teh brings the concept of enjoying Bak Kut Teh by the beach. With a brand new concept in dining in the 21st century, we have come up with a brand new app to elevate your hawker dining experience.

Now, with a tap of your fingers, you can find out whether our shop is open or whether we are having any ongoing promotions. Yes, you do not need to call to find out anymore. You can now become a member of our shop where we have loyalty points in which you can redeem items for free!

And it does not end there, we now have new products that are special; come now and try something new. To help customers in their adventurous food experiences, we want to ensure that you can satisfy your cravings to your convenience so we would be offering delivery soon!

For an adventurous Bak Kut Teh and Pork Leg experience like no other, drop by our outlet. See you soon!!